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About Yolande



Hi there, I'm Yolande and a female boudoir photographer and the artistic director at Girls On Film Boudoir, working with a very experienced all female team! My vision is to empower women to embrace their femininity in a fun, fearless and sensual way

I’m inspired by love, by beautiful light, trees and wind, but most of all I’m inspired by people and life – real, authentic, uninhibited being lived out in front of my lens. I’m influenced by modern architecture, clean lines, monochrome and the wide-open spaces and special light of my homeland of Namibia.


I started out photographing beautiful and stylish weddings almost four years ago. During this time I discovered a love of portraiture and of working one on one with my clients. Combined with an obsession with beautiful lingerie, Boudoir has been a natural progression for me!

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As well as boudoir and portraiture, I also photograph weddings, fashion events and private parties. I’m also a regular photographer shooting the backstage at London Fashion Week, and have worked for Not On The High Street, Soap and Glory, Idol Magazine and the BBC in the past few years.

I can't wait to connect with you and create something beautiful!

xo Yolande


All photos on this page where taken during a photoshoot with by my amazing friend BRITT SPRING.